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Everyone wants better looking, healthy turf, but to achieve that, you have to start by using the best fertilizer technologies. One of the best, most effective nitrogen sources available to get you the results you want is MESA®. This unique technology is a controlled nitrogen source that combines Meth-Ex® methylene urea and ammonium sulfate in a single, homogeneous particle.

By adding ammonium sulfate to Meth-ex while it’s still wet, this ensures a complete integration throughout the granules. The result is a unique homogenous particle with ammonium sulfate throughout the inside and on the outer edges of the granule.

There are three distinct ways that MESA delivers nitrogen, making it superior to any other nitrogen source on the market today:

  1. Immediately delivers quick-release ammonium to the outer edges of the particle resulting in a quick green-up of the turf without the nuisance of any flush growth.
  2. Delivers consistent and predictable slow-release nitrogen from the methylene urea during microbial breakdown.
  3. MESA delivers controlled-release nitrogen from the trapped ammonium sulfate inside the granule.

When fertilizer containing MESA is applied, grass roots absorb the ammonium sulfate, which results in a quick green-up that is often noticeable on the same day as application. The technology allows MESA to stay in the soil and not be released into the atmosphere or washed away by rain or watering, while microbes in the soil release the nitrogen from the methylene urea to provide predictable feeding for up to 12 weeks.

As the Meth-Ex continues to break down, the trapped ammonium sulfate becomes exposed and become immediately available to the plant. As a result, the turf maintains a healthy, deep green color without the need for coatings, which, if applied too heavily, can cause nutrients to be locked off and unavailable to the turf.

The highly predictable release curve of MESA allows turf managers to maintain high-value turf and achieve desired results. With MESA granules, you can mow them, stomp them, or crush them, and they’ll still perform as expected. In other words… a half piece of MESA is still MESA.

Available in both standard and midsize grades, MESA technology has a guaranteed analysis of 30-0-0-SGN 195 and 34-0-0-SGN 145. To learn more about this technology and how you can incorporate it into your turf maintenance, please visit

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