The Heat of Battle


Ways To Keep Your Turf Healthy In The Summer

If the whole year were a sports season, summer is the playoffs. It’s the time when your turf sees the most action, and it needs to be at its best. And just like the playoffs, the stakes are high. But with turf, the high stakes are disease, drought, and overall plant health.

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Short-Term vs. Long-Term Turf Care Strategy: Why Not Both?


It’s an age-old debate: Would you rather have short-term control or long-term peace of mind? If you’re a hands-on person, you might pick short-term control. You always know what’s going on, and you always have an answer for it.

If you choose long-term peace of mind, you might be the type of person that likes to check things off their list. You trust that everything is under control, and you don’t have to worry about it.

We don’t blame you for whichever way you choose. And, in reality, that’s the decision that many turf professionals face every season. Our big follow up question, though, is “why not both?”

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LebanonTurf Hires New Landscape Channel Manager


Brings strategic expertise from metal products industry

LEBANON, Penn. (April 6, 2016) – LebanonTurf, the industry-leading provider of innovative and high-performance plant nutrition for the golf and landscaping industries, has named Jeremy Bigler as its new Landscape Channel Manager.

Bigler’s role includes leading LebanonTurf’s Lebanon® Pro, Woodace® and ROOTS® product lines, as well as other granular control products. He will be working out of LebanonTurf’s headquarters in Lebanon, PA.

Bringing valuable experience as a Product Manager, Bigler’s resume also includes 16 years of technical expertise in metal products.

“Jeremy has a tremendous history of developing profit strategies and building relationships that really make a difference,” said Dave Heegard, Executive Director of LebanonTurf. “We’re excited to bring him onto our exceptional team.”

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The Challenges of an Early Spring, and How to Overcome Them


Despite what the weatherman tells you, weather is always unpredictable. Since weather is such a crucial part of this industry, it has caused many sleepless nights for lawn care professionals and golf course superintendents. The key is, to be as prepared as you possibly can, so you at least have a few options, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

And so, when an early spring hits, like we’ve had in parts of the US, it creates challenges that you need to be ready for. We’re in the thick of spring now, and we’ve identified some challenges that an early spring can bring, and how you can rise to the occasion.

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Dogs, Magicians and Live TV: Recapping the 2016 Golf Industry Show


If you attended the 2016 Golf Industry Show, it wasn’t hard to find LebanonTurf. We put our fingerprints (and some paw prints) all over the show floor during an exciting few days in sunny San Diego. If you couldn’t make it to the show, you’re in luck. We’ve got a full recap of our participation in the show right here for you.


Firstly, it was easy to find our booth on the show floor, since we had a prime location right in the middle of it all, and right on the main walkway. It was also easy to find it because it seemed like we always had a crowd around the booth.

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