2017 November: Tiller



Tiller is a 2 1/2-year-old, purebred border collie who spends his days running around the Glen Oaks Club in Old Westbury, New York. He enjoys chasing geese, greeting members, attacking water from irrigation heads, laying on the cool sod, and keeping the course squirrel-free. When not working, Tiller is obsessed with frisbees, balls, hula hoops, and fishing in the golf course ponds. He is looking forward to the opening FedExCup Playoffs event being held at Glen Oaks, where he can meet the pros and hopefully be interviewed about his very important golf course duties. It is going to be a busy year getting ready for this event and Tiller cannot wait to help out.

Timothy Baker has been a GCSAA Class C Assistant Superintendent at Glen Oaks Club, Old Westbury, New York, for the past 6 years. When not working, Tim and Tiller enjoy fishing off Long Island, boating, golfing, and spending time with friends and family.

(Photo by Timothy Baker)

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