2017 May: Copper



Copper is a 3-year-old Australian cattle dog, also known as a speckled red heeler.  She takes a lot of pride in her job. She works hard at keeping any unwelcome pest off the course. Copper loves riding any piece of equipment, including the sprayer and tractor, and likes to herd the workers around from time to time. She supplies us with lost golf balls and will not turn down a good opportunity to take a dip in the lake. During break time, she suckers the staff into playing a never-ending game of fetch. During office hours, she can be found sitting on the golf cart patiently waiting for the next lap around the course. She is pictured at Lake Toxaway Country Club, but she is now part of the crew at The Country Club of Sapphire Valley. When she’s not at work, she spends her days off herding cattle on the farm and running alongside of her owners as they take trail rides on the horses.

Clayton Avirett has been the assistant superintendent .at Lake Toxaway Country Club for the last 5 years and has recently moved to The Country Club of Sapphire Valley. Both courses are located in the mountains of western North Carolina. When not at work, he likes to hunt, hike, and camp with his wife Tiffany and his two dogs, Copper and Country. They also enjoy horseback and ATV riding . A lot of his time away from the golf course is spent working with his wife to improve their home and farm.

(Photo by Tiffany Avirett)

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