Implementing Grub Control Into Your Landscaping Arsenal


May and June are the months to add commercial grub control to your clients’ turfgrass—whether that’s a residential property or an HOA, POA, retail center, or office park.

As you know, grubs are now at the top of the soil’s surface, gorging themselves on turf roots while killing the aboveground grass at the same time.

Since curb appeal is the number one priority with homeowners, property managers, and HOA boards, you need a commercial grub control that will feed the soil at the same time.

How to Explain the Need for Grub Control to Homeowners and Commercial Property Managers

While you serve both commercial and residential properties, you may need to show one of your customers that there’s grub activity on their lawn. Alternatively, your customer may have angrily called you complaining because parts of their yard are dying due to grubs.

You can make an appointment to walk the property with your client, and they can show you the brown patches. If you suspect grub activity, you can cut out a 1 sq in turf to pull back to show your customer grubs living in that small area.

Either way, you need to stop their grub problem before it ruins the entire property. And you need to prevent any more eggs or larvae from developing. Consider selling your other lawn care services, such as insect control applications, to your commercial and residential clients.

Upsell your commercial lawn maintenance services by suggesting the following:

  1. Install an outdoor irrigation system for homeowners and commercial properties. Sell systems that have Bluetooth technology, a moisture sensor, and a timer. You can also offer to maintain your client’s in-ground sprinkler system so their property gets adequate, consistent coverage.
  2. If you only provide mowing services, you can upsell your other lawn care services.
  3. Offer core aeration services in the fall if your customers have cool season grasses. And if you serve clients who have warm season grasses, sell your aeration services in the spring.
  4. Promote your landscaping services by offering to break up the turf with plants, flowerbeds, and other landscaping features.
  5. Offer insect control as an add-on service.

If you work with homeowners, don’t forget to remind them about lawn management practices that will prevent grubs in their yards and promote overall healthy turf. Here are those cultural practices you should teach your residential customers.

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Helping Homeowners with Their Grub Problems

If you work with a lot of residential customers, who do their own lawn care, remind them to practice the following cultural management tips:

  • Homeowners should cut back on how much Fertilizer they’re putting down on their yards.
  • If you don’t provide mowing services, remind homeowners to cut only the top third off the grass plant each time they mow.
  • Your residential clients should rent an aerator to core aerate their lawns every two years.
  • Homeowners should water their lawns deeply and infrequently. Better yet, encourage them to get an in-ground sprinkler system that they can control with an app.

You can also sell the above services to DIY homeowners if you provide core aeration, fertilization, insect, and weed control. Remind your customers that you’ll save them time, hassle, and even money if they don’t know much about lawn care.

LebanonTurf’s Commercial Grade Grub Control: ProScape® Fertilizer with Acelepryn Insecticide

If you’re looking for a convenient, high-tech fertilizer with grub control in it, then you need LebanonTurf’s ProScape® 25-0-5 51% MESA .067 Acelepryn. This fertilizer completes two jobs within one 50 lb. bag—fertilizing the turf while killing grubs.

LebanonTurf uses MESA® Technology, which is patented-controlled release nitrogen. With ProScape® MESA® Technology, the patented granular source uses methylene urea and ammonium sulfate to create a homogeneous fertilizer particle.

This Fertilizer with insect control delivers the following to commercial and residential lawns:

  • Delivers more nitrogen to the grass, so it greens up quickly
  • Provides continuous, long-lasting nitrogen to give your client’s turf a deep green for the entire season
  • Adds constant feeding for eight weeks
  • Gives season-long insect control (including grub control)
  • Yields 51% MESA® for slow-release Fertilizer with immediate green-up without a growth surge
  • Contains muriate of potash (MOP) that stimulates strong cell growth and provides disease resistance by promoting thicker outer cell walls.

Always read the labels of our LebanonTurf products for your safety as well as your customer’s lawn.

How to Upsell Your Lawn Care Services Including Grub Control

Don’t be afraid to walk your customers’ property and make notes of where improvements can be made. You can even have your crews take photos of areas where you can improve a business’s or home’s lawn and landscaping.

Then, you can feel confident approaching your clients with your landscaping and lawn services by showing them photos of where grubs are eating away at the lawn or other areas that need insect control.

We base all of LebanonTurf’s lawn and landscaping products on science and agronomic data. We contract with universities and independent third parties to validate the claims that we promote in our products. Go to our About Us page to learn more.

You can find a LebanonTurf distributor near you when you visit our Distributor page.

Source:, “White Grubs—Underground Marauders in Turf.”

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