Fall Overseeding and Aeration Services for Cool Season Lawns—Increase Seeding Success with PennMulch® Seed Accelerator


Are you marketing your aeration, dethatching, and overseeding services for cool season lawns? 

You should be—September through mid-October marks the season for rejuvenating yards after a hot and dry summer.

You may also be seeding new lawns or renovating them if they’re primarily weeds with little turf.

If you’re providing the above services, then impress your customers with PennMulch® Seed Accelerator by LebanonTurf.

The Best Time to Overseed a Lawn in the Northeast & Northern Part of the U.S.

As you know, September through mid-October is the time to aerate and overseed northern U.S. lawns as well as temperate states that have tall fescue growing in their yards.

Cool season lawns that contain Kentucky bluegrass, fescues, and ryegrass suffer when the temperatures reach past 85ºF and will stay that way until temperatures drop to 80ºF and below. Add in the lack of water, and your client’s lawns start turning brown.

Plus, backyards get a lot of foot traffic from parties, kids playing, and lawn mowers going back and forth.

By September, your customer’s lawns look worn out. So, if you want to upsell your core aeration and overseeding services, it’s good to start now.

You can convince your customers that aeration and overseeding is worth it because

  • When you aerate a customer’s lawn, the aerator pulls small plugs of soil so the earth can breathe out carbon dioxide and take in nutrients and oxygen
  • Core aeration removes excess thatch that leads to turf diseases
  • Core aeration prepares the soil for seed
  • Core aeration opens up the soil to help seedling roots develop deep root systems before the winter
  • Overseeding covers any bare spots and thin areas, so weeds don’t dominate
  • Cool season turf thrives in the colder fall temperatures
  • Fall lawn services, including core aeration and overseeding, prepares new grass to develop aboveground before winter sets in.

You can set up your aeration and overseeding services as a la carte services or design a lawn maintenance program that includes these jobs.

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Mulching after Overseeding

You may typically use hay or straw to cover the area where you planted grass seed. However, would you use a product that works better and cuts costs for you in place of hay and straw?

Then, you need LebanonTurf’s seed accelerator called PennMulch® Seed Accelerator.

Remember, you or your clients must water the newly seeded lawn daily to start the seed accelerator and aid in seed germination.

What Is PennMulch® Seed Accelerator?

PennMulch® Seed Accelerator is a pelleted seed establishment mulch that contains recycled newsprint, starter fertilizer, and Moisture Cell Technology. It’s adaptable to any soil type and establishes a thicker, healthier lawn in one convenient application.

You can use it on residential and commercial properties.

Here are 11 benefits of PennMulch® Seed Accelerator:

  1. It’s 100% weed-free.
  2. You’ll notice faster, more successful turf seeding.
  3. The product costs less overall because it contains fertilizer and mulch.
  4. Moisture Cell Technology acts as a tackifier that hydro-bonds for faster germination.
  5. You’ll notice fewer dry spots.
  6. The paper mulch works as a starter fertilizer.
  7. You use your current equipment—no need to buy new spreaders.
  8. You don’t need to rake in the seed accelerator.
  9. You’ll notice fewer weeds when you use the product.
  10. You’ll save money, time, and labor with this product because your customers won’t need to call you back to the site. You get the job done right the first time.
  11. You’ll free up your schedule to take on more clients.

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PennMulch® Seed Accelerator Near You

You can find your local PennMulch® Seed Accelerator distributor near you when you plug in your zip code at LebanonTurf.

September is around the corner, and now is the time to market your core aeration and overseeding services.

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