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The Isle of Innovation: 6 Eye-Opening Facts about Emerald Isle Solutions

We’ve reached a new decade, and with it comes endless possibilities for your turf maintenance efforts. It’s like the future is here. Emerald Isle Solutions from LebanonTurf certainly can make it seem like the future has arrived, with its powerful formulations and innovative technology. In the new year, though, we’ve made it even easier for you to incorporate Emerald Isle Solutions into your turf program with a new webpage and even opportunities to win prizes. It can change the game for your golf course or professional turf application, and it all starts at the molecular level.


1. Smaller molecules mean easier absorption

Many foliar applications use humic acid in their formulations, but in Emerald Isle Solutions, we use fulvic acid instead. Why? Fulvic acid provides the same nutrient benefits, but has smaller molecules that can more easily absorb into the leaf tissue of the plant. With foliar applications, the absorption is paramount, especially in harsh conditions when wind or heat can rob the application of its effectiveness.


2. Harvest timing is everything

When you harvest crops, often times the timing is one of the most important factors. Some crops even have an extremely tight window, like radishes, which must be harvested in a three-day window after growing for a month. With sea plants–like the seaplant extract in Emerald Isle Solutions–it’s a similar principle. The seaplant is cold-harvested to preserve the nutrients, making the extract even more rich in the formulation. That way, when you apply Emerald Isle on your turf, you don’t have to use as much to get the desired outcome. This saves you time in the application, space in storing it, and money in purchasing it.


3. Nourished, but also strengthened

The main purpose of fertilizer is to give turf the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and to look and perform well, especially in professional applications. However, Emerald Isle Solutions goes even further to strengthen the turf, helping it withstand harsh conditions in the future as well. Beyond the expected fertilizer nutrients, Emerald Isle Solutions provides supplemental nutrition from seaplant extract, antioxidants, fulvic acids, and amino acids.

These ingredients increase the turf’s ability to withstand stress, drought, and disease pressure and to produce carbohydrate reserves and root mass. So it doesn’t just help the plant now, it helps prepare it for what lies ahead. Not only that, but professionals tend to use a foliar treatment as a support treatment when harsh conditions arise. So, the fact that a foliar treatment can strengthen the turf against future attacks when mother nature changes the game. It could even lead to less need for foliar treatments in the future, and most importantly, stronger and healthier turf.


4. Updated product value

We know that your turf maintenance program is ultimately an investment in your turf and your reputation. Regardless of the size of your budget, you need to make every dollar count, and you need results. That’s why we’re now offering Emerald Isle Solutions at a permanently new price point, which elevates the overall product value. Emerald Isle Solutions has a proven track record for years, and you can trust that you’re making a sound investment when you choose Emerald Isle Solutions.


5. Part of a new True Performance Program

Many of you may know the LebanonTurf True Performance Turfgrass Program that we announce each year, highlighted by Country Club MD and Emerald Isle Solutions. These two products–granular and foliar–working in tandem will provide season-long high quality turf. The difference this year is that you can now get the rebate from Emerald Isle Solutions without having to buy the Country Club MD product. Here are the available rebates:

  • 10% rebate on $8,000 of Emerald Isle Solutions
  • 5% rebate on $4,000 of Emerald Isle Solutions


6. Opportunity to win monthly prizes

In honor of our new focus on Emerald Isle Solutions in 2020, we want to show that we’re always focused on making turf managers’ lives easier. In a new promotion, LebanonTurf is giving away a monthly prize of a $500 Amazon gift card for you and your maintenance crew. You can enter each month throughout the year, but no repeat winners. Everyone who enters will also be put into a grand prize drawing for a $5,000 donation to their local GCSAA or STMA chapter.


You can learn more and enter to win on the brand-new Emerald Isle Solutions web page:

From putting greens to soccer fields, Emerald Isle Solutions have a track record of performance while staying at the cutting edge of technology. Talk to your sales rep to learn more and get into the Emerald Isle game in 2020.

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