2017 December 2016: Wally and Magik



Wally is a 3-year-old Australian shepherd who was rescued as a puppy and has been enjoying the golf course life. When he’s not busy chasing geese, he enjoys rolling all over the course ensuring he dirties up his gorgeous white coat before he comes home. After solving the goose problem, Wally was in need of a friend. From the same rescue, along came Magik, a 7-month-old chocolate lab mix. With leaps and bounds of pure energy, Wally has been showing her the ropes. Her current forte is chasing off chipmunks and squirrels.  This dynamic duo has stolen the hearts of all the members and are a true sight to see when they’re racing down the fairways or wrestling in the bunkers after hours.

For David Morrow, the assistant superintendent at The Redding Country Club the past two years, there’s nothing better than working with your best friend. However, the price he pays for that is that he is often known only as Wally and Magik’s “dad” throughout the course, occasionally his lunch disappears off his cart, and he has soggy seats in his truck after a last-minute swim before heading home. David, a graduate of SUNY Delhi’s four-year turf program, could now add dog trainer to his skill set as he has personally trained both dogs. Well, Magik is still a work in a progress.

(Photo by Tina Quatroni)

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