April 2020: Maverick

Maverick is a 1- Year old Silver Lab (4 months in picture) who loves running around Trump National Bedminster NJ. His day is spent greeting crew members and golfers, picking up sticks, finding golf balls, supervising his owner turn on irrigation heads, and making sure the ponds are all swimmable. After a long day he likes to play with the other dogs on property, chew on anything he can find, and take a long nap.

Anthony Neumann has been the Assistant Super at Trump Bedminster for 2 years, and GCSAA class C member. Originally from Buffalo, MN and graduate of Anoka Technical College, Anthony enjoys the slightly warmer weather in the northeast. Outside of work he enjoys watching football, golfing, training Maverick to hunt, and being let down by MN sports annually.

Picture by Anthony Neumann