Adapting to a Growing Problem in Turf


A look at how combination products and company culture can help address labor shortage

An Article in the January issue of Lawn and Landscape stated that last spring, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported U.S. businesses are operating with a record 6.6 million unfilled positions. This especially affected the landscaping industry.

So much so, that it drove the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) to hold their first ever national Workforce Summit this month in Alexandria, Virginia. The Workforce Summit brought together business leaders from all over the country to talk about different ways to deal with the growing labor shortage.

It’s no secret that there has been a labor shortage across the board for some time now, but in the wake of this summit, what are some ways that you as a turf professional can combat this problem?

Lower Your Labor Needs

A significant way you can combat the labor shortage issue is to lower your labor needs by using products that perform multiple jobs at once. ProScape combination fertilizers from LebanonTurf can feed your customers’ turf and protect it from insects and weeds in only one application. This line of products spans across seven product categories with a variety of specialized formulations to fit every agronomic situation. Not only does this mean less hands-on deck, but you’ll also save time and money.

Three products from this line that will especially help you do more in less time include:

Pre- and Post-Emergent + Fertilizer

We know that pre- and post-emergent fertilizers are both important for your customers’ turf. Pre-emergents attack the grassy weeds before they begin to germinate and interrupt the growth process and post-emergents attack the broadleaf weeds after they have already surfaced. By using a pre- and post-emergent weed control with fertilizer, you keep your customers lawn weed-free while also saving time.

Acelepryn and Dimension + Fertilizer

ProScape Acelepryn and Dimension + Fertilizer takes care of many unwanted plants and insects in only one application—once again meaning saved time and money. Acelepryn targets grubs, caterpillars and weevils with a wide application window while Dimension is a specialty herbicide that controls and prevents pesky crabgrass.

Pre-Emergent and Starter Fertilizer with Mesotrione

If your customers are establishing, renovating or overseeding their turf, our ProScape® Starter Fertilizer 21-22-4 with Mesotrione is ideal. It can be used for pre-emergent control of more than 30 listed broadleaf and grassy weeds while still allowing new seedling growth.

Maintaining A Quality Labor Force

Using combination products offers you more than just great performance— it’s also an easy and achievable way to help your business during this shortage. However, we know this is a larger issue than just product or service offering. Remaining profitable and productive through a labor shortage means looking at your entire culture.

When there is a national shortage of workers, creating a more efficient company is the direction to go . LebanonTurf also works to help achieve that with our products that can save you time and money while also getting more done with less labor.

To learn more about our products and technologies, please visit our brand-new website here.

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