2019 March: Georgie

Georgie is a 3-year-old mixed-breed hound dog who is still in training. She has a beautiful, soft caramel coat, white socks and a flag on the tip of her tail. She relishes racing all 18 holes at Turkey Creek Golf Club in Lincoln, CA., her tongue hanging out and brown ears flapping in the wind. Georgie enjoys greeting golfers every morning —especially the ladies on Ladies’ Day — and running after Canada geese, turkeys, deer and occasionally coyotes. Her favorite pastime is chasing and catching ground squirrels. Michael Kaveney has been the GCSAA Class A superintendent at Turkey Creek for three years and a GCSAA member for 29 years. Mike brings Georgie to work every day and on weekends to help with the geese population, and she has done a great job removing several flocks from the property.

Photo by Serena Kaveney

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