2019 February: Boone and Rome

From the first day beagle brothers Boone and Rome (pictured at about 15 weeks old) came to work with assistant superintendent Torin Foster at the Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch in Seneca, OR., they’ve kept themselves busy chasing the abundance of wildlife that can show up on the newly opened course — deer, antelope, the occasional elk, turkeys, squirrels, sage rats and badgers, to name a few. When the dogs get on a scent trail, the hound in them comes alive, although they typically don’t ever take their noses off the ground to actually see what they’re pursuing. Torin has worked at Silvies Valley Ranch, owned by Scott and Sandy Campbell, since 2008. When the Campbells decided to build a golf course getaway, Torin, a golfer himself, joined the construction crew under designer Dan Hixson. At the new, reversible eastern Oregon course, Torin works under superintendent Sean Hoolehan, CGCS, who owns Rory, the 2015 Dog of the Year. Boone and Rome have a lot to learn about golf course life, but with Rory as their mentor, they should have proper golf dog etiquette in no time.

Photo by Torin Foster

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