2018 October: Broc

Broc is a nine-year-old border collie mix who was rescued from a shelter in 2009 by Julie Peterson, a family friend of Scott Pavalko, director of agronomy at Bob O’Link Golf Club in Highland Park, Ill. Broc hadn’t been treated well by his previous owner but found a new, happy life at Julie’s house, where he quickly assumed the responsibilities of herding horses and chasing all flying objects off the property. Julie realized that Broc would enjoy having a “job,” and she offered him to Scott as a gift. Broc was immediately at home on the golf course, doing an excellent job of running off geese yet somehow knowing that ducks were OK. Broc happily performs his daily duties of goose and squirrel patrol, supervising lunch hour and protecting the office from evil brooms and mops.

Scott, a 15-year GCSAA member, is the son of the late superintendent Bob Pavalko and grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University in 2005. During the off-season, Scott enjoys traveling with his wife, Robin.

Photo by Scott Pavalko

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