2018 November: Kodi

Kodi is a four-month-old Australian shepherd who works at Almaden Golf & Country Club in San Jose, Calif., alongside GCSAA Class A superintendent Josh Lewis. Although Kodi is still learning the ropes, he excels at chasing birds and greeting members and staff. When not on the job, Kodi spends his time herding two kids at home, chasing cats and running on the beach in Santa Cruz with other dogs.

Josh, a graduate of Oregon State University, is an 11-year GCSAA member and has been at Almaden Golf & Country Club for two years. Before that, he was the course superintendent at Chambers Bay when it hosted the 2015 U.S. Open. With stops at Pasatiempo Golf Club, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and Eugene (Ore.) Country Club, Josh and his family have experienced most of the West Coast. 

Photo by Josh Lewis

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