2018 August: Shasta

Shasta is a three-and-a-half-year-old shepherd cross who was adopted in March 2014. She started her career at Marine Drive Golf Club in South Vancouver, British Columbia, in fall 2015, helping to combat the geese population, and she is now a fixture at the club. Shasta and superintendent Wade “Hawk” Hawksworth kick off their days with a jaunt around the course, during which Shasta scouts for squirrels, geese and even coyotes to give a chase. Shasta loves water and spends her afternoons jumping into ponds, swimming in the river and even adjusting the odd sprinkler head.

Wade has been a member of GCSAA for 22 years. He began his career at Marine Drive Golf Club 40 years ago, and was promoted to superintendent in 1996. In his spare time, Wade, his wife, Natalie, and Shasta enjoy traveling south in their motor home, seeking sunshine, golf and a swimming hole for Shasta.

Photo by Jarrod Oliver

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