2017 December: Cesar

Cesar is a five-year-old Bernese mountain dog who relished his first year at 300-acre Bidermann Golf Club in Wilmington, Del. Long before his owner, Dave Ward, joined the Bidermann team as an intern, Cesar loved to chase geese, deer, squirrels and a variety of waterfowl, and the golf course gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion daily. Cesar especially enjoys fall and winter, as his long coat isn’t well suited to the hot summer days of the Mid-Atlantic. Instead, Cesar prefers to wait for the crew on the cool cement floor of the maintenance facility, welcoming them with a smile after a hard day’s work.

Dave Ward is a first-year member of GCSAA and interned at Bidermann Golf Club in the summer of 2017 under the tutelage of superintendent Jon Urbanski. Dave returned to Rutgers University for his final semester last fall, and is looking forward to his future career in the turf industry.

Photo by Charles Lonergan


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